Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are you a movie-freak? What genre of movie do you like: drama, comedy, horror, thriller, action? Will you say yes when you are offered a program to watch and download unlimited movies online? My Movie Pass is a new order online movie streaming media service. Besides watching movie online, you will get the access for downloading too. However, the same with any other ways of watching movies—through DVDs, tape-based VCRs, or even going to the cinema—it needs money. Movies are not intended to be watched for free. Compared to any other ways mentioned above, unlimited movies are the cheapest way you can choose to watch and download any movie you want. And it’s a lot simpler: you can watch your favorite movies with just the pushing of a button.

My Movie Pass will give you unlimited streaming bandwidth with instant movie streaming online. There are 1000s of movie titles available. And of course, those are HQ and HQ quality movies, with digitally-enhanced audio and video quality.  The charge is low and you only need to pay it once. Yes, there are no recurring fees ever! You can get anything you want to watch for 24/7. The price is very much inexpensive, less than half of the competitors’ price. In here, you just need to pay a very low yearly fee (you can also choose between 6-monthly and quarterly).

You can get any movie you want. My Movie Pass has many ranges of movies, starting from the classic until the blockbusters. The rare movies can also be found here. You can also watch non-speaking English movies with English subtitles. This program is compatible for any computer device. Different from downloading movies from illegal source, in here you will be protected from spyware, adware or a virus. You do not need to think about storage either: you just need to log-in, enter password, and watch—no problems about CD’s storage and maintenance.

The 24/7 service makes My Movie Pass feel so special. You can watch movies at dawn or in the middle of the night. Cinemas are closed at those hours. You do not need to go to movies stores because they are also closed late at night. By sitting on your room, you can enjoy movie like that of the cinema. You can watch wherever and whenever you want. Different from cinemas and movie stores, in here you can find hard-to-find movies too. And by not going anywhere, you have saved your money on other things like gasoline for instance.

My Movie Pass will make you sure to say no to online movie sites which give charges per movie, subscription fees, and bandwidth limitation. Cable/satellite providers are not better. You need mandatory installation and have to pay subscription fees. And worse, there are content limitations and constraints. This movie pass service is 100% satisfaction guarantee. Maybe you think that it all sounds too good to be true. You should not be worried about this because this product is backed with 60-day money back guarantee. So, if after 2 months you do not feel satisfied about the service, your money will be refunded.